Friday, October 7, 2011

Fruit Cobbler

Make this Fruit Cobbler in a muffin cup for a smaller treat!
 I seem to be doing a series on old family favorite recipes but sometimes the old ones are the best ones! Mom has made this delicious recipe since I was a kid and now it's one of our favorite recipes too. Try any fruit; peaches, plums, blackberries, marionberries, rhubarb, blueberry.... If you're using home-canned fruit, I'd use 2 quart jars, minus the liquid.

Fresh canned peaches make a great cobbler!

Mom's Fruit Cobbler

1. Melt 1/2 cup butter in a 9''x13'' pan.

2. In a bowl, mix:
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    2 cups flour
    4 tsp. baking powder
    1 1/2 cups milk
    pinch salt

Beat well; pour over melted butter.

3. Top with 8 cups of fruit. Sprinkle sugar over entire dessert.  

4. Bake for 60 minutes at 375'.

I sprinkled Pampered Chef Sweet Sprinkles on to add extra flavor and...because they are just good! :)

Mini Peach Cobblers!

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