Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Day with Mom

Today mom called and asked if I wanted to go to a thrift store and Uncovered Ruby. So with my sister watching the children, and Derek getting the daytime off, we took off for Battleground and Camas.

Backtracking a little, I'm feeling a little- congested and just... loopy. After cleaning the whirlwind mess of a sewing room that I have, my nostrils inhaled too many fabric fibers. :) If I felt better, it could have been even MORE enjoyable! Nevertheless, we had a great time talking about how we would fix the world! hahaha

Our first stop was Uncovered Ruby but to our dismay, they weren't open. Bummer. I'm not sure if we would have be able to see Lisa anyway but, they are closed on Mondays. Oops!

So, we found a few Goodwill stores (that seemed outrageously priced to me!). I spotted a Pampered Chef can opener for mom! (It's ok, I too know that you can get super cheap deals on PC at Goodwill! haha Grab it! I would!) The one and only- Pampered Chef Can Opener. If you don't have one- you need one!

This is just one of many OLD recipes I've collected. I can see it! On my wall!

Next destination: Camas Antiques. O man! I'm inspired.... just not sure what Derek will think about old cookbook pages glued onto my dining room wall! LOL It's been in the remodeling process for 3 years now so, anything's better than bare flat walls! ...right? Wouldn't that be neat? I believe that vendor has pictures on her blog... There were so many adorable things! The treasures that catch my eye are kitchen ANYTHING, sheer white baby/toddler antique clothes and antique/vintage clothing and the decorating ideas!

I found this dress at the Goodwill. I REALLY hope it fits because I want it for ME! With a thin red vinyl belt and my pearls...ahhhh. OH, and maybe red shoes?? (It needs washed.. that's why it's on the floor!)

Our shopping ended with the Goodwill "pound store" in Vancouver AKA Goodwill Outlet Store. We closed the place down! I found two curtain panels in soft old pastels for my 2 year-old's room and mom found some wool for making hats.

Isn't this beautiful? It's hard to tell in this picture but it's the old pinks and blues and yellows.

We had Fish and Chips at Burgerville (my favorite for fast food) and then I drove us home to collect my little darlings and tuck them in for the night.

Our children... I love them!
It was a good day. An adventerous, can't-find-where-we-want-to-go kind of day but with a full tank of gas and time, we had a great time, didn't we Mom?

Ps. Mom,did you know that the boys dug a "Sea Pond" out in the Horse's pasture in the grassy swamp area while we were off shopping? Just checkin! ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Thoughts

As you're reading, enjoy the photos of the "paper" doll I made for my daughter this Christmas...

This is my daughter's favorite outfit!
Here's the little kitty.
And here's where you can see how she works: Velcro.
Here's her Sunday dress and shoes.

Here's her swimming suit and party dress!
Gotta have Footie PJ's and a summer dress..

It's a cozy day for us at home. I woke up to very warm and cozy wood stove heat, which means my husband thought of us before he left for work. ahh nice guy.

I'm feeling kind of I'm anticipating something. Maybe it's just winter melting into spring (after few more months), maybe it's getting organized after the holidays, maybe it's making plans and goals for my business, health, weight and home stuff. Who knows! I'm hoping it's because of what God will be doing in our family. This week has been a milestone for me. I'm -finally -willingly allowing my heart to sacrifice a dream, in order to obey God and really be open to what He wants for our family. It always seems hard until you make the step, then when you're willing to "let go" it's almost easier. I breathe deeper, feel more peaceful and become excited to see God's plans unfold because they are not mine. I love this place. God is my Lord. He is in control of my life, I might as well surrender! LOL

I'm kind of late for resolutions but maybe if I start them now, I'll keep momentum for a little while longer than usual. In general they are (what they are every year): to do better! (Eating-lifestyle choices, relationships, discipline, organization, time- priorities). Even if I can't keep my resolution for a lengthy time, it's always good for me to step back and evaluate my life to see where it is and where it should be.

Is it because I'm past the 30-year mark, that I'm beginning to see glimpses of myself the way other's see me? That alone makes me want to stick to my resolutions!! haha Not because I need to compete with someone else or even to attain to their standard but ... we all appear differently than we mean to at some point, right? My heart is that I want to be a kind, compassionate person who displays and lives out the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peacefulness, kindness, self-control, perseverance.... is that all of them?) But I miss the mark so many times and may come across to some as not having that heart at all. That's sad.

Well, thankfully I'm a growing branch!! I get pruned and trimmed down as the Holy Spirit works in me. I love that. I do not have to be perfect (in myself), just complete (in Him). I'm just living and doing by faith and grateful that He will perfect these things in me!