Friday, May 6, 2011

Homemaking, A Lost Art Found

I love the peacefulness of these colors on her bed as I open her door, walk in and see it! It's so soothing!

While you're reading, I thought I'd let you peak at something I worked on a couple weeks back for my daughter. I made her a "gentle" rag quilt with muslin and a variation of old colors for her bed.

I wanted to tell you about something else that I've been doing. For the past couple of months I've been leading a Women's Bible Study plus Homemaking Class at our home. It came about because of "talking" on Facebook with my friends about the things I like to do. There are so many things like; sewing, cooking, canning, putting up foods, how to make certain crafts..etc. It was on my heart to do this for about 6 months before we started getting together and I love how it's sort of blossomed into a special time I really look forward to! 

Maybe this sounds like something you'd like to start in your own community of friends? Well, I thought I write about the details so that maybe you'd feel inspired to create your own group.

We start at about 11:30. The wee ones are brought along and are watched by a couple of young ladies here so that the mom's don't have to find babysitters. First we read through the verse for the day and discuss it and other Bible verses that speak about the same general subject.  We're studying the Proverbs 31 Woman and going through it, really just one verse each week.

 Then after about an hour we break for a sack lunch that each person brings. The children are then with us , eating and the ladies chat for a few minutes while eating. I try to have some sort of snack to go along with it. Granola, deviled eggs, pumpkin muffins..etc. It's also nice when some forget their lunch in case I don't have enough lunch to share! (leftovers usually!!)

Her name is Talia Nicole and this label on the back has the meanings of her name as well as a "comforting" verse (because it's a blanket, I wanted it to be about comfort.) :)

Then after our lunch break the women get back together and learn a certain skill that we've already discussed or planned. During our first Class I taught how to make cheese crackers and graham crackers. (One of my favorite things to do is bake something that you *think* can only come from the store!) The next classes were "How to make healthy homemade baby food", "Couponing", "How to sew in an elastic waistband to clothing", "How to make homemade Castille Soap" and the most recent class was "How to give boy's a good home haircut". I can't explain to you how excited I am for other women to come into our group also and share what they know about these things too! I love the fact that it doesn't all have to come from me! We can be blessed by each other's talents! So cool!

Are you bummed you can't be there? Doesn't it sound like fun? Truly, if you want more info, just let me know and I can help you get started in creating your own group! I'd love to help!!


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