Monday, May 9, 2011

O How He Loves Us!

Today as I was working in my garden- getting part of it tilled up, with a little sadness, I noticed so many of the unfinished projects we have around our home, or simply things that are begging to be repaired; things that I get so tired of writing on to-do lists for later times.  I started doing that thing that I do so well, thinking, "I wish that could be done..." , "I wish we could have..."  :) Then I stopped and thought about why those things aren't done. Why do I have ugly old boards holding up my raised beds in the garden? Because it's what I had to work with and I'm so glad we have been able to have a garden! Why don't we have new gutters yet after that crazy storm a couple of years ago? Because eating and keeping our house was of more priority. 

I spotted this teeny little heart-shaped lettuce (from our garden) when I was washing it last summer. So cool!

All of a sudden it hit me.
How did we survive? 

With "average" debt, many medical bills, usual bills, mortgage, basically one income... How?

How many times was money just not there? Lots but somehow we were able to pay for the things we needed. Also how many times did we go without food? None. Did we lose things that meant a lot to us? No. God really stretched our dollars and provided in miraculous ways I guess. I can't tell you that money fell from the sky, but somehow, we made it through!
God, of course provided for us!

In fact, I can't believe the things we have had through that hard time! We didn't have to sell everything we owned! I had a bountiful garden that gave us good food and we just managed to do without extra. Even the things we were able to do, with how little we had, amazes me. Money is just one small example in our lives of how well God has taken care of us- even in our stupidity with how we've handled money. (blech!) He's been there when I've been really sick with physical things too. God saw us through that just the same, with love.  

I have friends (and their families) who are going through incredible losses or awful health situations right now and I'm hoping and praying that one day, they too will see, or get to the other side soon and wonder how in the world they made it through! It's hard to go through hard stuff and it's nice to get a breather!  I hope that they will also recognize God's loving, caring hand in their lives too!

I'm sure you can remember times in your life when things were so hard and you wondered how you would make it. Then you get through it and wonder how you did indeed make it!
God. It's that simple. He is SO GOOD to us, and it seems like you recognize that even more when you least deserve it!! We are very blessed! And the lessons God has taught us through hard times is invaluable. We just don't get it when life is...easy. I encourage you to allow God to work in you through the hard times too. Life is SO hard but with God it is SO good.  


Jen said...

Love this, Kristin. It's my first time on your blog and I'm so glad I'm finally here! Such great reminders of what is important in life. I get so sick of my to-do list I could just scream. But...He has been reminding me again that "being still and knowing He IS GOD" is most important. And He will me in determining what is most
important on my to-do list. Thanks for being part of my life journey today. :)

The Little Red Shop said...

I can't imagine how people live any day without trusting in the Lord. It's such a comfort to know that He is in control!

God Bless you & your garden!

: )

Julie M.

Kristin said...

Welcome to my blog Jen! I'm so glad you came too! Especially if you were encouraged!

Thank you Julie! I pray for you and your brother too! Thankfully He is there with you, through all of the pain and uncertainty. :) So glad I met you at a vintage show and now I call you my friend. :)