Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sweet, Sweet Night

It's nearing that storybook time of the year.....

That time when the streets are lit up in the darkness, busy shoppers are buying their loved ones precious, thoughtful gifts and there's talk of snow. This might possibly be the most exciting time of the year. It's also that time when the wood stove is going, all cozy and warm and scents of pumpkin, spices and apple desserts can be smelled and tasted in abundance.

This is that time, our most favorite of days.

With thoughtfulness toward my husband, the children and I scurried around the yard, picking up fallen fir branches and cleaning up from the recent wind storms in order to surprise him- Father- as the children call him. We picked yellow squash hiding out from the early frosts in the garden. And we simply enjoyed a wisp of a sunny day during our rainy fall.

Soon it would be night and the fire would need stoked up good, keeping our bones warm and making our house quite homey. The shed where our wood is stored was looking quite bleak- empty- to be exact. The kids and I, together, gathered up enough wood from the barn to fill our shed. Father would be so pleased. When he arrived from work we could show all of the hard work we had done and we hoped he would be so proud.

After all of our work was done for the day, the children and I strung tiny white lights around our front porch. Doing this would provide light for our wood shed during the nighttime and it all of a sudden seemed to transform our plain porch into a magical place.

Soon, the children were bustling about, gathering every candle that they could find in our home. They set some upon their small child's table that sat on the porch, and some other candles lined up proudly along the edges of the floor. The glowing lights were so festive against the night sky.

Next, there were old time songs being played about our dear Savior's birth. Just the perfect touch for such a sweet night.

At once, I was told by these small children of mine to put on my best dress, for we were going to have a special dance. I opted for my best , sleek, black satin dress, amazed that it could possibly be zipped! In order to dress my best, I chose a pair of black dress shoes, decorated with tiny, glittering gemstones. I thought they would be a perfect addition to the twinkling lights on the porch.

As I tiptoed out onto the dance floor, my oldest son, sporting his too-small, black satin vest, came beside me and we started to dance. It was a happy song, one which we could dance quickly to. This was a lovely time, just my children and I. The two younger children had their turns and we laughed and felt the warmth of love between us, even though it was becoming a chilly night.

Thoughts of my wifely responsibilities came to mind, and I remembered that I needed to prepare our evening meal. Father would be home soon and it would need to be ready. So, I gently laid the dress on our bed and changed into clothes fit for cooking.

As Father came home, not too much later, he was met with a cheerful, giddy wife who bid him to come and change into his best clothing. There was something special being prepared for us outside, he was told. As he curiously wondered what his darling wife and children were up to, he reluctantly found his best black dress shirt and freshly washed jeans. He didn't know what was waiting and I would bet, he could not have guessed what he would see next, let alone have the privelage of sharing.

Father and I went out to the porch as our children held open the door, greeting us like King and Queen. The lights were all lit and the floor was ready for our special dance. The music had been forgotten so I gently whispered to the children to not forget!
What a sight we must have been, dancing away to Christmas songs in the night. But what a memory for our children to have- and 'King & Queen' alike, to share such a sweet, sweet night. This is that time of year.

...And they all lived happily ever after.


Karen said...

Siss, I hope you keep this story forever! So cute! Love ya, Mom

Kristin said...

Thanks Mom! It was fun to write! Derek was seriously wondering why I wrote it that way but I thought it was adorable. :)