Monday, November 29, 2010

Almost Ready for Christmas

This year, I am more inspired to decorate than past years. I feel like I want it to look cheery in our home- everywhere!

 Since the downturn in the economy, it hasn't been the most chipper time of year for me.

With holidays come expenses; our son's birthday (23rd), Christmas gifts to buy, extra food to take to parties, extra gas to drive to those places...etc. And then there are other birthdays or just never seems to end. Just a couple of years ago, all we afford for our kids were Dollar Store things. It made me cry just to wrap them and then watch. They didn't care- they had gifts in their hands! But I cared. I knew that it was a rough time and we didn't have much. I could hardly wait till the holiday passed because I felt so depressed. I barely put out any decorations because it didn't seem like there was much happiness in this part of the holiday.

I know very well that the real reason we celebrate this day is to remember our Lord and Savior, who was born to save us. I am so thankful for His life and death- taking my punishment for sin and for being willing to lay down His life for me! I understand this holiday is much more about that than it is about gifts and money. But, we want to give good gifts to our children and family's as well, right?

This year, it's been a little different in the practical way of speaking. My husband is working more steadily, we're more responsible with our money and I'm better prepared for the "rough days". We choose not to go into debt over gifts and because
we live simply, I buy mostly practical things, along with some fun stuff, of course.

So, my attitude is a bit better this year also. I want to be cheery! I want to celebrate! Not because we have super-fantastic gifts to give/get but because I have so much to be thankful for. I want our home to feel joyful! I want to smell cedar and fir and see twinkling lights and kids' happy and surprised faces! I want to give, even if it's small, because I really want to, not because I feel obligated or some other silly reason.

This is my encouragement to you:  consider this holiday for it's real meaning; love. Consider giving to someone who is hard to give to. Consider giving to someone who cannot give back to you; repay you. Do not take for granted this special time of year when family and friends are nearby. 

 Have fun decorating your home!  


The Little Red Shop said...

Ohh...God Bless you, Kristin! You are such a light for the Lord, thank you! Do you know what? I LOVE the dollar store. Some of my mom's and my favorite earrings are buy one/get one free from Express & Nordstrom Rack...or 3/$10. After losing my dad, who was the Elf in the family, my mom put a lot of pressure on herself to "MAKE" the holidays. I finally convinced her that the joy was in having a happy mom. Now we have a lot of fun celebrating throughout the holidays. Last week, she gave me a $2.00 jingle bell bracelet from Walmart. I LOVE IT!

Merry Christmastime!

: )

Julie M.

Kristin said...

Thanks for coming by my blog Julie. :) I love visitors - especially when they have kind words!

Some of my favorite things were not expensive either! And this year- because I love making it- I'm giving adults homemade laundry soap with the recipe. I love practical, useful gifts!

Have a Merry Christmas!
Kristin Ramsey