Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New White Kitchen Cupboards

Here's my progress...

I primed the cupboards, then painted them white. My awesome husband polished up the door knobs so they are shiny copper. Then I added a faux tin paintable wallpaper and painted it white. After that dried, I went back with a tiny brush and made it look 'scratched' up with a grayish color.
Like this:

This cupboard door has 1/4 inch mesh chicken wire. It was so fun to reorganize everything and be ready to bake and cook again.
Here's the final result for the top cupboards- I LOVE it! (The lower cabinets were left all white).The brick throughout the kitchen was previously very dark reds with black grout- not my favorite colors for it. I handpainted the brick by rubbing 3 different colors (I think it was 3) and then I painted the grout with a teeny tiny brush! What a pain but it looks so much better and it just feels better in my kitchen. All of this has really proved to lighten up the colors and brighten the room- not to mention create the styles I love. :)

Eventually, I'd LOVE to have more barn wood counter tops, or just something that matches better. We already have one in the kitchen and one in the dining.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. They aren't the greatest quality because I took them at night with very little light but it gives you an idea if you'd like some brightness in your kitchen!


The Little Red Shop said...

What a wonderful project, Kristin! Do you have any pictures on your blog of the barn wood countertops? I'd love to see them. Ruffles & Rust was at the Evergreen State Fair Grounds up in Monroe. Hopefully, Timi will do more shows. It was fantastic. I will definitely let you know when I hear about other fun events! It would be lovely to see you and Lisa again!

God Bless you!

: )

Julie M.

Karen said...

Takes me forever to get around to visit my blog friends lately, and lo and behold my own sweet daughter has blogged and I missed it! Great job Sissie!