Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Planning my Real Life Facebook Christmas Party

A couple of weeks ago I decided - very spontaneously- to host a Christmas Party. This isn't your ordinary party either! It's for all- ALL- of my Facebook friends! If you do not have Facebook, you may not understand the life that one has with Facebook. ha ha

With facebook, you can: catch up with old friends, meet new friends through another friend, and stay in contact with family or friends far away. Facebook also has the ability to addict you to browsing through friends' family photo albums. I've seen more friends' pictures of what they are up to than ever before!!  It's fun to see who's online and chat for a few minutes to catch up. Or see who knows YOUR friends... So, the drawback to it? It's not real life. It is, in a sense, I know what so and so had for dinner last night, when their child first pooped in the toilet, who loves their husband so much...and so on. BUT sometimes, you can see people on there so much but not really chat and talk with them; it's not face-to-face. There's not even real laughter! It's just "LOL"!!

While telling someone that we should get together sometime, truthfully hoping to- but now sure how it would work out- I decided to take a giant step toward my friends! How? Have a Christmas party and invite them, of course! So, I've rented a Grange building for a night of fun. I will share photos later after the party. My plans are to have games, old-fashioned BINGO with prizes and lots of great FOOD!  Another plus is that my friends are encouraged to bring their children- that's rare unless it's a party just for kids! I have no agenda, as far as a schedule of events, just lots of ideas!

-Christmas Karaoke
-LOTS of food
-clay ornament -making table for the kids 
-lots of games (we love Mad Gab with a big group of friends or family!)
-prizes for the best dressed and worst dressed (tackiest sweater)
-I also have a small "Christmas Shop" set up for my friends to bring things that they make (bags, purses, soap, home-baked things,and whatever else they sell).

Won't this be fun? I sure hope so! I'm SO excited!

I've arranged tables and covered them in brown paper so far. I have a lot more to do before the party! The wonderful thing is that even though I LOVE details and want it to look beautiful, I'm counting on my friends to add laughter and make it a fun success! I'll let you know of the success (or failure ha ha) of the party and maybe you'll want to host your own Real Life Facebook Christmas party!  

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The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, what a sweet idea, Kristin! I was just tagged in something on facebook by a gal I've "known" since 2nd grade Sunday school. I haven't seen her since around 1990 and we've now interacted with each other and so many other friends over the past year way more than we ever did growing up in church together in Bellevue. It's so much fun, and sometimes surprising, to see which old & new friends really geek-out on fb. (I'm one of them!)

Have fun at your party!

: )

Julie M.