Monday, October 10, 2011

Stop. Listen. And really live life.

My middle baby. He's the center of the cookie; the sweet frosting.
  It's been awhile since I've written about life. I do other things besides cook. ha ha I also teach kids (my own and others). I try to be a loving, patient wife, mom and puppy owner...some days. I sew, garden and just, well, live life, you know? Tonight as I sat for a couple hours, reading to my kids (yes, I said a couple of hours! They were begging me to keep reading!).  I had one of those incredible moments where I realized:

"I'm living it. Right now."

Do you ever have those moments? It's when you know you will think back and miss this. It's when you think, this is really life. This is a good life. There are things we could complain about of course; hard days, looooooong school days and more. But God gives us moments when we can stop and listen.
He truly gives us the perfect amount of time we need to live fulfilling lives.

Can you really feel the excitement of your kids being kids? Can you feel their joy of hearing a good adventure story? Do you see the way your child's face lights up when he's being helpful of his own desire? What about the way a little one brings you a dandelion, just wanting to do something special for you? (And you don't have the heart to tell him it's a weed.) ;)  Do you take the time to praise your child for the things he's doing good?? Do you stop and think what it's like for your kids to live in your home?

My oldest baby, who really wants to be a 'man'.

I really do. At least, I do try to. I struggle though, like all moms, I'm sure, with patience. I seem to hear myself say too often, "Hurry and do.....(insert anything)."  And then I realize, 'what am I hurrying for? We have nothing else planned for the day'. Maybe it's because I try to fit too much into my days? (ha ha ME??? No way!) So then I say, "No, don't hurry, just do a good job."

As a mom, I really want to live life with my kids. It's the same for being a wife. I don't want to take for granted one day spent with any of them. They are all precious to me.

Lord, please give me the strength, wisdom, power, love, patience and kindness...... to live this out well.

I guess I'm writing to encourage anyone who's just speeding through life. Stop. Slow down.

My baby girl, growing up.

We only get today. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. I know we've all heard that but it's really true. Live life well.

Love God with ALL your heart.

Love your kids and husband like this is your last day with them!


Erin said...

I've been spending too much time worrying about something recently--something in the past and something I cannot control in the present or the future. John has been trying to convince me to forget about it and move on. Your blog spoke to me this morning, Kristin. Thanks.


Karen said...

I was/am enjoying your post, thinking how true it all is, & how rich we are getting to stay home with our kids, living this life. I'm so proud that you are such a good mom & wife! You've always been a blessing to me! Live, Mom

Jennifer said...

Kristin, love your blog and I can't believe it's been so long since I've been on here! Obviously, you need to get on here, also! :D Thx for all the encouragement and ideas--God rocks through you!!