Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Pages!!

Today I taught myself how to add pages to the top of my blog! Whew! I'm not an expert at all when it comes to computers! ha ha

So check out my pages for a quick reference to the posts you love!

Quiet Times- These are the devotional times I have with the Lord and my way of encouraging you through my blog.

Favorite Recipes- These are by no means all of my favorites! But these are the ones I've blogged about.

About Me- Really? I don't think you need an explanation! I'm just trying to clean up my blog a bit and reorganize! :)

My Creations- This is a page dedicated to the things I've posted about working on, kitchen makeovers, baking cakes..etc.

Have fun! I hope it's easier to browse through!

Your Friend,

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