Saturday, January 8, 2011

BAKE SALE AHEAD! Garden Cupcakes

Today my family and I made some sweet little cupcakes! The idea is from the cookbook, "Hello Cupcake!" I guess I'm getting impatient to start my garden. Spring fever? So, instead I'll make a totally unhealthy dessert? LOL I guess so.  On the first I started a "Biggest Loser" diet with my friends so I'm really not eating it. Boo hoo.

What a cute helper I have!

Here's the candy we get to play with!!

A little happy about this??

A friend of mine made her sweet little Christmas apron! We have matching ones but mine is a vintage poinsettia fabric- so cute!

Opening up the "peas". We started by making the veggies (toppings).  This was Daddy's idea, so he even helped! I wish I would have remembered to get his picture though!

This photo is too blurry of course but I love the excitement that I captured! It's amazing how sugar can make you feel! haha Their hands were moving pretty fast! I had to change the settings on my camera!

Mmmm..... imagining what it all tastes like! (Cuz, you know you can't taste and touch your mouth when you're cooking for others! They had to wait until they were done to test it out. )

Picking favorites and making wishes?

The making of the peas. This is a green Tootsie Roll, flattened with a Pampered Chef Baker's Roller and then Sixlets tucked inside. They were quite fun to make!

Vanilla cupcakes in white liners, then frosted with Milk Chocolate Frosting and the tops rolled in crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, (generic Oreos). Mmmm Sounds good to me! 

Pea vines and setting the peas on top! That's the fun part for me! My helpers were long gone by this time- except for Daddy.

Lettuce leaves. They didn't turn out quite like I had hoped but they are tricky! Corn flakes tossed in melted green frosting.

Peas. I actually wish these were real, fresh from the garden ones! (I can't wait for my garden!!)

I wish you could see the detail in the carrots here. You can see it better on another photo below though. These are orange Tootsie Rolls and then you make small marks like a real carrot. Lastly you rub a teeny amount of cinnamon on them to add detail and... dirt? haha

Cherry tomatoes on the vine! They are made from red Sixlets.  They made me hungry for garden tomatoes! This was my idea- not from the book. The book had radishes but I thought these would use up the Sixlets that we already opened.

The seed packet markers. Graham crackers spread with melted white chocolate and a toothpick "glued" on with the melted white chocolate on the back. Chocolate frosting is used for the writing.

The garden is growing! (See the lines on the carrots? My husband created them... so adorable!) He covered a piece of cardboard with foil and then I frosted it very lightly and dusted it with cookie crumbs.

Good enough to eat?

Hopefully good enough enough to sell too!

All of the proceeds from the bake sale go to the youth in our church for their Winter Camp. It's always a fun thing to be a part of! I'm also bringing homemade laundry soap for those who can't have/buy the sweets!

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