Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year! Full Speed Ahead!!

It's that Ol resolution time again...
So, what will you resolve to do?

Eat better?
Lose Christmas pounds?

Aidan, our youngest son, last year.

Pay off debt?
Make better use of your time?
Prioritize your time?
Have daily devotions (reading the Word and praying)? 
Give your kids more hugs?
Our youngest son this summer, flying around.... in his dreams. :)
Spend even more quality time playing games or going for bike rides?

Maybe you want to finish something?
That quilt you started for so-and-so...?
That painting project?
The walls still need finished getting painted!
Keep up on housework better?

Or maybe it's about money.
You want to pay off your debts?
Resolve to not use credit cards?
Make a plan to be better off financially- even if it means giving some things up!

Our boys wishing they could jump in and get going! It might take a take a tank to blaze through some things but we'll get there!

Start really using the Dave Ramsey plan?

Go to church more often?
Be involved in your groups or church more?

Catch up with friends more often?
Stay home more?
Try some new crafty project? A new techinique?

This looks like some strange poem, or list. Wait!! It's just about everything I need to do better! haha Some things we're good with but this is probably generally what most people want to do better, right?

The first thing I'm doing is a Biggest Loser Challenge with friends. There are more than 20 of us I think. It costs $20 to join in and winner takes all! (Based on your percentage of weight lost.) If you've been waiting for a good reason to start exercising or doing ANY or your new year's resolutions, try starting a group. Our's is just for 8 weeks! That's my kind of challenge! There's an end to it! But even though there's an end to the official challenge, I can still keep off weight and do better with exercising! We eat relatively healthy I think, so it's more about being active and portions. 

I went to the Dr. a couple of weeks ago and there was a sign in the room that said, "The American Diet" and showed a picture of a cheeseburger, fries and pop. Seriously?? Is THAT the average American diet? Reheated frozen fries and a cheeseburger?  I understand eating that way several times during the summer but I really thought the average diet had a veggie, some meat, some good carbs and water or milk. Wow. I'm naive! haha I know there's times when you need something conveneient but.... OK, I'll stop ranting now. I just couldn't believe that's "average".

I can't WAIT to get my garden going again!! I've been missing it this winter!
So, has this given you any ideas? What are your resolutions? This is a great "reset" button that we can use to start fresh. I love it!

Unfortunately, my husbnad was the ONLY tacky sweater -wearing guy at our Real Life Face Book Christmas Party. He's really a much better dresser. One of his best friend's won the Best Dressed award!
Happy New Year my friends!


The Little Red Shop said...

Yes! (but I'll have to substitute hugging kids for cats!)

I'm so looking forward to the New Year! I hope yours is truly blessed!

: )

Julie M.

Karen said...

Kristin, you're thinking of all the things I need to resolve! Not being paranoid, but is this about ME lol?