Sunday, September 26, 2010

Honor The Sabbath Day

It took about 2 seconds to think about my title. Today the discussion in Sunday School was centered around the "sabbath" and how that looks to each of us and how we need a day of rest once a week. It was a great reminder of how I need to set aside this day more regularly. I guess that means saying 'no' to things that can keep you too busy. It's really about priority. Another important part of the Sabbath is worship. Taking a day to reflect on the Lord and to honor Him. (Not that you wouldn't honor Him the rest of the week, just to be more conscious of this being HIS day, I think.)

A little country church down the road.
Naturally, after Sunday School was church, which means a time where the church comes together to worship the Lord and gain in knowledge and understanding through His word. Also, it is a time for us to fellowship and encourage one another. To me, this is "church". I love singing to my Lord, and today seemed amazingly refreshing. As I stood singing with my arms raised a mile high I just couldn't explain the amazing peace and joy I felt. There really was no specific reason, just many little things. Life has not amazingly become perfect with no problems, yet in a simple service of worship, I realize His love, forgiveness and grace for me more and more. He really does care for us so well and I'm so thankful.

While washing lettuce a few weeks back, I found this small piece of red lettuce that looked like a heart. What a sweet surprise while working away. I stopped to enjoy it and snapped a picture!
Sometimes- often- He just needs to hear that from us too, that we're thankful for who He is in our lives. Not because He can't operate without our affection and adoration but I believe He really loves us coming to Him with willing and humble hearts, ready to glorify Him with our lives.
That is my greatest desire.


Uncovered Ruby said...

Love this post Kristin, you have such a sweet heart, I'm blessed to know you! Lisa ;-)

Kristin said...

Thank you Lisa. That was sweet. Also, it's been so much fun getting to know the Vintage Gathering ladies and you!

The Little Red Shop said...

Thank you & thank you! It was so fun meeting you on Saturday! I JUST returned from the Seattle area where I'm helping decorate for a wedding next week (they LOVE the trunk!), I'll come back to visit your blog soon...hopefully this weekend. I hope you're having a gorgeous week. Your kids are ADORABLE!

: )

Julie M.

The Little Red Shop said...

God bless you, Kristin! What a lovely post! I can definitely tell the difference on Mondays when I haven't been able to rest on Sundays.

I hope that your October is off to a beautiful start!

: )

Julie M.

ps I linked to you on my post about last weekend and included your cute "muscle" picture w/ Lisa too!