Friday, October 9, 2009

Ok, God.... I know... YOU do provide!

This week God has been working on my heart, chiseling away my distrust. :) I'm slowly learning that He provides EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING we need. When we need bills paid, they are covered. When we, by faith, give our tithe, He provides it. When we give to others, we have plenty to share. When we need groceries.....this is what happens:

Today I went to the largest grocery store around here. Typically there are people shopping who have full carts of junk food. Sadly, I don't very often see people in this place with lots of veggies - or good-for- you-foods unless they are Mexican or Asian. (They cook fresh foods!! We could learn a lot from the way they cook!) Sometimes single people do have healthy food, but often families, with children have tons of boxed, convenience foods. We all know that those kinds of foods aren't the healthiest but they are easy and that's why mom's like them. I always look at what people have in their carts. I know snoopy huh? I just can't help it. :) (Did you know that you can tell if someone cooks, what kind of people they are or if they ever have company by what's in their grocery cart?? LOL)

While I was in line, beside another couple, I was noticing all of the tons of "fun" foods and I became jealous of their cartful. (he he) I know, I shouldn't be, but it was hard. Here I came to the store, keeping track of what I buying so that I just got the neccesities. It appears to me that usually the people with those carts get their groceries from Tax-dollars. I felt bad as I left. Really, I was feeling sorry for myself. But I prayed about this and told God, "I know. I should be grateful. YOU provide for us!" I was kind of half-heartedly saying it, to be honest, not meaning to but... trying to have faith. (I don't 'need' the goverment to provide although there have been times when I hoped we could qualify.) I have God. I don't mean that with any pride or boasting, I just mean that God, the Creator of the World provides and cares for us. Why do I worry about our needs?

After coming home with my week's groceries, I decided to go to my mom's and grandma's to get the tomatoes they said that I could have. I brought a huge stockpot because I knew there would be alot. (ha ha... alot???) I got over 5 paper bags full and the stockpot- loaded full! (I'm using these to can for us to use in soups and sauces throughout the year.) While I was driving home, a thought came to me... and I prayed, " Thank you LORD for providing! And we don't 'get' to have junk food but we get to have fresh, delicious abundant tomatoes that YOU created!" I really felt humbled and thankful. He knows our every need. And not only that- He gives us better and more than we expect!

Now, I know that the services the government provides are great for those that need them. BUT they do not very well teach us to trust in our Heavenly Father who does provide! In saying that though, our Lord can use any person, tool, or type of payment He chooses. He can use a family garden, or a 'welfare card'. How does He provide for you??

"Ok, God.... I know... YOU DO PROVIDE!! More than I ever hope for!"


Karen said...

Well, I must say, I'm a proud Mom! Hey, one question though, how can you tell if they have company. Is it b/c they have napkins in their carts as opposed to paper towels for everyone to use to wipe their faces? Love ya, Mom

Uncovered Ruby said...

I love this, you're so right, He provides all our needs in ways that we sometimes don't even realize! Lisa :-)

Pickles In My Shoe said...

So good to be reminded....I too look at people's carts...and grumble when I see steak and shrimp and expensive stuff being paid for by money from the government. But I've never gone hungry....very lean times yes, and times when I question God like when I feel like we just seem to only scrape by all the time - and I am frugal! Ask my husband! I think he hates that about me! Glad you are back in the blog world....I'm trying! ;)

Kristin said...

How do I tell, Mom? Because they buy like 10 packages of hot dogs... PLUS the buns! ha ha People may think I'm having company a lot though when I buy 20 green peppers at once- that's just stocking up for salsa or freezing them b/c they are on sale. I guess my theory doesn't always hold true BUT not many people 'stock up'. :) Lisa and Jana- I need this reminder EVERYDAY! Because it seems like lately, God's really trying to get my attention to TRUST Him in EVERYthing! hey Jana- at least they are buying THAT! It could be tons of Junk! (*smile*) I know what you mean though!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh Kristin! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has had those negative thoughts run through my head as I stand in line at the check-out stand and see people buy junk with our tax dollars. I have to constantly remind myself to be thankful because I have SO MUCH and am SO BLESSED!

Hey, you mentioned salsa in your last comment. Can I get your recipe? I am looking for a tried and true salsa recipe.