Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homemaking Workshop

This last week I've been planning a Homemaker's Workshop for ladies -young and old- in our community. The reason I'm doing this is to promote good, quality family life, to teach skills that are lost in the last generations and to help families live more self-sufficient. Of we course we know the Lord is always the One who provides, but he's given us so many tools to make our houses, homes.
I would LOVE this kitchen! Where is their pile of mail??

I will not be the only teacher. I'd like to find people who are really good at the things we need taught and have the 'older women teach the younger women', sort of thing. The workshops that will be provided will range from Making Homemade Baby Food ...

...and Canning Turkey

to Learning to Repair Clothing. I know, I know, we sometimes pay good money for holes, BUT sometimes you just don't want them in the places they appear!

The land we live in is getter better, but we're still pretty wasteful. We will learn ways to Use What We Have for Homemade Cleaners, and helpful recipes for delicious inexpensive soups! Eventually I'd like to have a class called Cars, Trucks, and The Basics and one on How to Maintain Your Home (for minor repairs, saving heating bills..etc.). (Don't you just love these ideas?) I am SO excited to start doing this class. Many young and middle-aged woman are very interested in learning these things.
Some days my home is this peaceful, but it's not this beautiful! How about a Home Decorating Class too?? LOL

Do you have any ideas for our class? Or have you ever thought of doing this? Communities need famlies who are capable of taking care of themselves. (duh, I know- but you'd be surprised at how many people know very little about a home.) Some things I've just been learning and want to share my excitement with others about them!

Our first Workshop will be the First Week/end in November I think. YAY! I'll let you know how it goes.

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