Thursday, January 20, 2011

I heart Pie Crust

What's your favorite comfort food? Or are you like me and cannot fathom choosing just one?

The best looking pie crust I've made so far! I think I'm finaly getting this down!

One of my favorites is turkey dinner with all of the sides, veggies, sauces, potatoes, gravies, stuffing...etc.  The best part is that after you've eaten your meal, there's usually at least enough meat left for one more meal. This week, I made that turkey STRETCH! I turned a 22 lb turkey into 4 very filling meals!
Turkey Pot Pie- the ultimate comfort food!

First, the turkey dinner and then tonight I made 3 turkey pot pies! (Why are they called pot pies???)  I thought my crust was gonna be a flop because I doubled it and then ran out of room. (Have you ever done that before? This isn't the first time I have!!) But after tasting just one bite, I said with shock, "I think this is the best crust I've ever made!!" My family agreed. All except for my spoiled 3 year old that doesn't realize how nice it is to have yummy food made for her! She'll probably appreciate it someday, right?

So, do you want to see what I made? I'll add the recipe later but I thought I'd share the photos that I snapped of how it all turned out! You'll want this crust recipe for sure! I got it from someone else and then of course, made it my own by changing some ingredients. That seems to be a bad habit of mine- or maybe it's a good one! I'll let you know all about that later. For now, enjoy!

Like my pie crust piles? lol They aren't very beautiful this way. First I separated them, but evenly cutting them and then I divided up more because I made them into too big of rounds! See? I'm still learning!

The Turkey Pie -ready to devour! One went to a friend and one is in our freezer for later - Yay!

These are little blueberry pies. I used homemade filling, about 1 1/2 T for each one, and then wet around the edges and joined together at the edges. (See below)

Ready for the oven!

And because we're trying to be careful about how many sweets we're eating, these are going in the freezer to have one every once in awhile. I easily could gobble them right away!
These are the few I sent to my friend and her small family for dessert after their turkey pie. You can make them any design and size. I wanted these to be similar to the store-bought fruit pies.


Sarala said...

That pie crust WAS good! I had some! :)

Pickles In My Shoe said...

Yay! I'm the friend they went to and it was wonderful! I'm not a serious blueberry fan but these were soooo good! :) Thanks Kristin for thinking of us and sending your bounty our way!