Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Birthday's Can Be Fun Too!

Our son is turning 6 this week and LOVES Lego's. Check out the cake I made for him today!

  Step 1. Bake the cake. Make the frosting. Cut the excess off the edges (and the crusty parts).  

Step 2. Crumb coat the cake. refrigerate for 30 minutes and then frost.
This is the fun part! The decorating! We (the birthday boy and I) decided on a Christmas-y Lego guy theme with snow!
"It's fun being 6!"

 Han Solo is sledding down the hill, but I'm thinking he was pushed!

Sledding, snowball fights, making snow angels, decorating the tree.... it's all happening here!

Don't ya love the snow ball piles? I was trying to decide what type of border to create and I like the random-ness of the piles rather than a perfect snowball border. 

Here's a close-up for the tree decorating. Storm Troopers are great at lighting the tree--- all while the lazy guy is laying there making a snow angel!  

Sledding! Wheeeeee!

How would you like to be in a snowball fight with this guy? YOUCH! At least she got him back!

Here's on of the guys hiding from another with a little bit of ammo.

And here's the victim! Poor cop! There's just no respect these days!
Our birthday boy with his very own pizza!

I had to get him this hat! What a dapper young man!


The Little Red Shop said...

Heehee...sweet! Happy Birthday to your li'l dapper dude!

: )

Julie M.

Karen said...

Where'd you find the hat Sissy? He's adorable and growing up way too fast! Great job on the cake!