Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh Bloomers, Dresses, Hats and Coats, How I Love Thee!

I just thought I'd share with you something fun. I've browsed the internet for a few years now trying to find ideas for patterns; adorable pieces of clothing that I could replicate. Here's some pictures from my personal "Sewing Ideas" folder. Enjoy!

I love these sheer, lightweight bloomers! They would even be adorable... unseen. Just knowing they are under your little girls dress, for fun, modesty and cuteness! Or add a longer shirt with them...

This dress was found on I'm sorry I don't know the name of the seller. I should have kept track of that. You can barely see the small black buttons trailing up the bodice, but they just "make" this dress! My daughter needs one of these. :)
I'd love this red and white top for myself, I believe it was also found on awhile back.

Isn't this pretty? It looks like silk. One of my dreams is to sew these vintage/antique pieces of clothing and sell them! I'd even crochet little delicate bits around the arms and neck... FUN!

I'm not sure about the coat AND hat, but this pattern is adorable! I've made one with the little strap on the back and it turned out just right!

I'm really thinking I should have been born before my Grandma's! I would have worn these.. I would still if I could! LOL

Someone else beat me to it! (Not surprised!) This style is just so delicate and sweet.

Not so sure about her hair... but this photo gives me an idea of what the average child might wear back then.

I think this is the same girl as in one of the above photographs. Hats and heavy wool coats with large vintage buttons! Perfect-ness!

I don't know... I just love some of the style from the early 1900's! She needs some pearls and a flapper hat, maybe??

What a great family portrait! ! The textures in it are so different from the staged, perfect studio pictures that people take now.

Again, I like this style. I'm not sure about the print but I love how it drapes and the
femininity of it!

These hairstyles crack me up! I wonder how that got started! Easy, home-haircuts? The girls' dresses are so cute! My daughter has 3 now that look very similar to these. An Emerald green one, and 2 salmon pink ones, lighter and darker. They go very nicely with white knee highs and black slipper shoes, or Mary Janes and a BIG adorable bow in her hair!

Some older girls wearing the same things. You can find reproduction fabrics at This store carries good quality quilting fabric along with tapestries, patterns, notions and so much more! If you're in Portland sometime, it's near Sandy on 122nd. One of my favorite places.

Cute, cute cute! I don't like the arms on her coat so much but I love the little boy's outfit! I wonder where they were going?
I hope you enjoyed these! They are fun to look at every once in awhile and dream of my clothing line......... haha! Well, at least for my daughter to wear! If you know of any places to find great old- styled patterns, let me know! Oh bloomers, dresses, hats and coats... how I love thee!

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