Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Fun

Yesterday we surprised our kids with a night's stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. What a blast! The kids had fun and we had fun too! Here's some pictures from our trip...

This is me in my new hair! :) Blonde. It's kind of fun.

My oldest boy... growing up! I'm proud of him.

..and this little angel is the reason Mommy didn't get much sleep. It was probably the mix of a different place to sleep and being too tired but, she kept me up all night. But it ended well because I spent a nice relaxing time in our room - alone - later. Bubble bath, Bible and worship sings. My kind of morning!

Aidan and Daddy. So very much alike!

A little tired, don't ya think?

Cheese-y happy grin!

Talia came splashing down to meet me!

One of my handsome boys.

I hope they love each other for all of their lives.

This was during our breakfast this morning. It was fun but I will be more frugal next time and pack a breakfast. You can't see above us but we were sitting in a "tent".
So, what was I reading this morning? Revelation. haha It might seem strange to read that during a "vacation" time but I did. Have you ever opened a Gideon Bible? I don't very often because I bring my own usually. So I was reading through the beginning and it gives many scriptures for different things. Hopelessness, salvation etc... I decided to read the last few chapters of Revelation and discovered more things to Revelation than I had known before. It was quite encouraging. Heaven will be magnificent! Jesus is Lord! He is the Winner in the end. If you are suffering or just need a good read about part of what we are living for.... read through it. "To him who has ears to hear, let him hear". Open your heart to what God reveals for the end of all time. It was not depressing but hopeful!


Uncovered Ruby said...

Great pics..I wish we could have visited more! Lisa :-)

Kristin said...

Thanks! I know, bummer! Do you have anything going on at Uncovered Ruby? Maybe Mom and I could come over for a little visit!