Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Garden

This is my husband and I- almost 9 years ago!

This weekend my husband and I had the true privilege of being one of a few couples to speak at a Marriage Retreat with our church. Wow! It's amazing how when you say YES to God, He allows you to be part of his amazing plans! He's growing my husband and I in new ways -even just recently through preparing our notes! I keep telling him [my husband], "There's nothing more attractive to a wife than watching her husband grow in the Lord!" I love it! I can't wait to see the intricate ways God will continue to make Himself known in these couples lives over the next few days and weeks and hopefully much longer! I do want to keep praying for them and for us!

Our session was called "Working in Your Fields", and we paralleled a marriage to a garden. In our message, the soil represented our relationship with the Lord and the importance of Him being our foundation, the focus of our marriage. The Seeds were what you sow into your marriage, good or bad, love vs. hatred, communication and honesty vs. neglect and lying. Weeding is kind of obvious- keeping out predators; keeping the enemy from devouring your family! And another important part; tending to the garden God has given you! Spend time with your family! Be thankful for them! Take seriously the responsibility and opportunity that the Lord has given you!

Just a sort of encouragement to you, because you may not have been there for this awesome time. If you have a marriage that looks hopeless, because of sin or suffering or something that the enemy is trying to use against you... have hope! Go to the Lord! Repent if it's sin, and be thankful that God loves you guys and wants to restore what's been broken- plowing up the garden to make it better! On the other hand, if things are going well and you love your spouse with all your heart and have a growing and wonderful relationship, protect your garden! Keep the weeds out and keep planting seeds of love! Ask God for grace to sustain you.

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