Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Soup for Mommy

This morning I had to stay in bed just a little longer. The sound of the rain falling on the roof was peaceful and I knew that once I got up- life would start. But I have to tell you about the wonderful food we had yesterday on our day out on the town!
Yesterday I finally got out of the house. Our whole family went to do our weekly shopping and stopped at the Country Folks Deli for lunch. It's one of my favorites! We all chose some delicious food, although I must admit I couldn't taste 100% because of my congestion but what I could taste.. was wonderful!

On The Menu

For Derek
BLT Sandwhich with a huge pile of fries

For Kristin
1/2 Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich with cream cheese and lettuce
Steaming HOT Cup of Harvest Chicken Soup
Hot Peppermint Tea with Lemon

For Caleb

1/2 Tuna Sandwich
Cup of Beer Cheese Soup
(hmm.. I wonder why he wanted to try that??)

For Aidan
Chicken Strips with a huge pile of fries

For Talia
Bites from everyone else

We had a wonderful time. We were finally getting out but feeling like we were also stepping out of our bubble of protection where germs are concerned. At the grocery store I wiped the seat of the cart and handle off with hand sanitizer. I'm usually not very good about doing that because I don't take the time but it felt seriously necessary when so many around us were coughing, sneezing... yuk.

Today on my to-do list I'm going to hopefully get upstairs and organize my sewing/craft things. It needs some time and TLC. THEN, I just might be able to start posting some projects that are getting done.
Good day to you!

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Sarala said...

That turkey sandwich at Country Folks is one of my favs!! I like the veggie one too. Minus the mushrooms of course. Glad you got out of the house. The pics are so cute!!