Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today was a great day!

Do you ever have one of those days that are just worth blogging about? I wanted to post about my day yesterday because I had one of those kind of days. In fact, I've been having a lot of them lately. I've been spending more time with my heavenly father and I'm pretty sure that's why I am just more thankful or aware of how great he is and acknowledging what he's doing in my life! I give him credit for my day. :)

To start with, I have been super busy, getting ready for our Winter Vintage Gathering at Mom's church. Yesterday I drove to Camas to pick up more treasures from Natalie, to add to the SALE and I had to go to Costco to pick up supplies and yummy pies. While I was driving I was listening to (and worshipping with) Jeremy Riddle. I have been so blessed by his CD. I can't remember the title but I'm sure you could google it. One song was "We Were Made to Praise the Lord". It just seemed so fitting for the day.
It began here....

I got stuck in traffic on the Longview Bridge so instead of really griping like I would normally do, I opened the sun roof and stared out to the tip top of the bridge and noticed all of the fluffy, flowing white clouds, with my music blaring about being made to praise the Lord. I was thanking God for being such an awesome creator. But of course you can't forget the man-made things around; all of the industrial beauties with steam/smoke billowing out of their pipes. Beauties? Not usually, but today, yes. (ha ha) Well, our Creator gave many people the creative ability to build such structures! Who would think that those beauties would inspire me to worship God. ha ha Then, my thoughts were wandering even deeper- as they so often do- to thinking that he created us in his image. HE is the creator and he allows us to be creative like him. Some people can build buildings, so magnificent, or create computer programs that seem SO beyond my comprehension and then there's me. I know how to quilt, sew, cook... those kinds of things. Creative in a different way, maybe a way that those GREAT architects only dream of?? Well, OK so maybe THEY know how to cook too. LOL

Do you get what I'm saying though? He created us like him. Isn't that awesome? After going to Natalie's and seeing her creativity all around in her home and what she makes I was even more convinced. He does give us the ability to create with our minds things that are also spectacular.

So, at Coscto, people were just plain friendly. It was weird. I don' t get out shopping much because I have kids and well, I just don't! So usually my shopping experience isn't so grand but something was in the air. Maybe people are just excited for Christmas?? The "sample" people in Costco were hollering out "You're gonna LOOOOOve it! Granola! Right here! You're gonna LOOOOOve it!" LOL It was the funniest thing. I wasn't annoyed by it, I thought it was great that people were so chipper -helpful too! As I was leaving the man that checks your receipt was singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas", in a very nice pure voice. He goes, "God has blessed my heart and life, I pray he blesses your family". WHAT?? How could God possibly think of so many details to put himself in my day and let me see that YES! He IS everywhere?

~Vintage Christmas Gathering Sneak Peek~

WOW! We have been putting in some late nights this past week and half to make the place look spectacular! I'm posting some photos of what we have so far. Sorry they are so dark- it WAS 11PM when I took these! Today we are taking a break from decorating/setting up to make pies for the fundraising project for the church. We are so excited you guys!

Mom and I have had Natalie, helping us. We've had Lori and Linda- friends we met at the Scappoose Candle and best of all my husband, Derek and my little sister Chantel- who's been helping with the kids! THANK YOU!

Don't forget- THIS Friday 10-7 and Saturday 1-4! Stewart's Point Church, 19902 Shepard Rd. Clatskanie OR