Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mom's Inspiring Me

I just commented on my Mom's blog and realized that I haven't done hardly anything on mine for awhile.

The bright sun is shining through my living room window as I write. What a beautiful fall day. I love these crisp days with sun, awesome! If we can't have summer any longer, at least we get a few of these days.

Today I did a very fun Baby Shower for a friend. I have to tell you about it because I had a lot of fun with it. (I had great helpers too for decorating, clean-up and all of that... can't forget those important people!) I used my baby girl's room decor for the shower decor because it's all baby pink, creams, whites and robin's egg blue colors- vintage baby stuff... beautiful! The shower was in my parent's little old late 1800's church so we hung sheer antique baby dresses in the old glass windows. The sun was peeking through the laces and showing them off rather nicely. We played an interesting game where one lady has to feed another lady some "baby food"... all while blindfolded! There were many laughs and really it wasn't as messy as I thought. I didn't get any pictures but Mom will post them, I'm sure. I love doing the little detail things. I could share the punch recipe with you- it was delicious! BUT I missed the best ingredient- frozen strawberries from my garden. Darn! I'll list what I bought, the ingredients will fill your punch bowl at least 3 times! Don't you hate it when the great punch runs out? It didn't today and we had MANY ladies and children!

Strawberry Pineapple Coconut Punch1 large can Pineapple Juice
2- 2 liter 7-up, Club soda or sparkling water (for less sickening sweet punch)
2- 2 liter creme soda
1 can Cream of Coconut
a bag of frozen or fresh strawberries
1 containier of vanilla ice cream or sherbert

Keep in mind that this is enough for at least 3 bowls full so, only pour in 1/3 of each ingredient. Fill bowl and add huge dallops of creamy vanilla ice cream! YUM! You have to try it! It's probably my favorite flavors for punch!

Tomorrow is my FIRST Pampered Chef Show- I'm a new consultant. I'm excited but a bit nervous. I hope it goes well, and that my brother and his girlfriend get LOTS of great FREE stuff!


Sparrow said...

Hey Kristin! I did not know that you had a blog! I talked to your mom today and she was telling me about the shower and how you decorated!!! I can't wait to see the pictures! I really do love your family! AND the get togethers .. uh.. parties! I have a lot of fun with all of you. I am really looking forward to getting together more often! I will see you guys this weekend!


Karen said...

Well, it's about time you posted! I will post pics of the baby shower YOU put on today, you did such a great job.

Karen said...

Well, sweetie, you are getting thinner, but your heart is huge! For a minute, I thought you said I was the one that had to go pick apples, scared me there! However, let me know when you're ready to go pick more apples LOL! Mom

Kristin said...

ha ha LOL Thanks a lot! GRANDMA!

I've got 8 gallons of apple juice so far.... it takes awhile.... but it's good! (I think- guess I should try some huh?) :)

Those apple were such a pain. Lorna says she knows of better ones. PLUS she gave me 3 cases of 1/2 gallon jars! FROM her stash! How wonderful is that?? I gave her 6 quarts of Grape juice in return. Small favor but...