Friday, September 30, 2011

More Pie? How About Mini Pies and LARGE Pies?

I wanted to share some cute little pies...and not so little pies I made with you. It's fun to come up with different uses for pie crust! Share your ideas too!

Mini turkey pies! Line a mini muffin pan with small rounds of pie crust and fill with turkey pie filling (just like turkey soup without as much broth). Fill with fruit filling for sweet pies! 

Cover with another round of dough on top and press gently into the bottom crust, blending the two doughs.  Use a fork to make them stay...and so they look pretty. :)

Use a LARGE muffin pan for an individual size of turkey pie, or of course fruit pie. Cover as above mentioned.

Make ham and cheese pies using pie crust and ... you guessed it: ham and cheese! I've decided that next time I will make a cheese sauce (white sauce and add cheese) so that they aren't as dry. I love this idea though because it makes nice snacks for the kids during school, my husband's lunch or.. just whenever!

After you'd topped the bottom crust with filling, top it with another crust...

This tool is splendid. I'm not sure if they are still selling them but it's made by Pampered Chef. You make the circles first and then press down in the top handle so it will crimp the edges like this....

Aren't they cute?

Cut a small slit in the tops of each one to allow air to vent through. Be creative! Fill it with fruit, pepperoni, sauce and cheese, chicken, just veggies...

How about a HUGE pie? Line a Large Bar Pan with pie crust, fill and top! It serves more and if you love the crust best, this is the way to go because there isn't as much filling as a regular pie pan would hold.

Not perfect but still good.

And...there's dinner!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ceasar Salad Wraps

Are you getting of the same old kind of salad? I get tired of it! My new sister-in-law's Dad has a great recipe that I've been using now! If you need an impressive salad for a potluck or even just a fun way to eat salad at home...try this one out! It's SUPER simple!
I added halved orange, cherry tomatoes from the garden. Even though they are tiny they sure have incredible flavor!

Caesar Salad Wraps

Romaine heart Lettuce (The kind that is still whole and not chopped up in a bag)
Caesar Dressing of your choice
Parmesan or Italian blend cheese
sunflower seeds, pine nuts, soy nuts

1.Chop the end off the lettuce that you don't eat. Wash the lettuce. Dry it with paper towels. Lay it out flat in a single layer on a platter or large plate. (Be creative and make a circular design or...??? whatever you come up with!) 

2.Drizzle Caesar Salad dressing over the leaves, mostly in the centers of the leaves.

3.Sprinkle nuts and seeds over it. I use about 20 seeds/nuts in all on one leaf. (Pine nuts are $16/lb so you'll want to use them sparingly anyway, right?)

4.Sprinkle cheese over the top of that.

5.Slice a lime, lengthwise, making wedges and squeeze the juice over the entire salad. (It's nice to add several wedges around the platter in case someone wants to add extra zip to their salad.) 

6.The best part is HOW to eat it! (ha ha) Grab a whole leaf, fold it in half lengthwise and eat it like a taco! Kids really love these because it makes salad fun!

NOTE: Try it with strips of seasoned, cooked chicken for an entire meal!